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The Morgan SW22R starts with the circuit from the SW22 and then adds three spring tube driven reverb. The SW22R reverb is run in parallel to the original tone stack. This means when the reverb is not being used it is totally out of the circuit unlike most other guitar amp reverbs. Intentionally designed to be the loudest cleanest it could be with 2x6V6s it is still capable of producing a warm compressed natural overdrive. 

The SW22R utilizes a special level control. Its job is to control the amount of gain available in the power section of the amplifier. You will notice after about 3 o’clock on the level control you are adding overdrive to the power section. This allows you to use the level control at lower volumes without sacrificing your tone. 

The bass, mid and treble controls interact with each other to give you a wide range of tones. The Bass Emphasis switch changes the center point of the mid frequencies allowing you to get even more bass out of the amp. The bright switch is designed to bring in enough top end for even the darkest guitar but without adding any ice picky highs. This amp was designed to be that familiar black face styled tone from the mid 60’s but with added clarity and string to string definition that is unrivaled in any similar design. 

We are happy to ship this amp to you, but will need to get a quote for you. Consequently, we’ve listed this as “collection only”. If you are interested, please contact us through Reverb, and we’ll make the necessary enquiries.

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